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Meet Matt and Joanne Eby, the husband and wife duo who are the principals of Nth Degree Financial Solutions. After years of working in the financial services industry, Matt and Joanne identified a gap—a missing link in the trust industry. After observing first-hand the downfall of established players in the fiduciary space over several tumultuous periods, they realized there were not many experts available to provide focused fiduciary guidance for startup trust companies or even for established fiduciaries struggling with strategic or regulatory concerns.

With their combined years of direct, hands-on experience, Matt and Joanne realized they could provide targeted solutions to bridge this gap and help both startups and established firms resolve challenges, make strategic course corrections, and repair regulatory issues. In 2001, the duo took their strategic knowledge, love for governance, business operations, and compliance solutions and fused them together to create Nth Degree Financial Solutions, with the ultimate goal to bring top of the line consulting services to fiduciary firms, both large and small.

Since then, Matt and Joanne have become the go-to team for firms that need to quickly address regulatory criticism, get a trust company licensed, or learn valuable tactics to keep a fiduciary firm focused and successful. Over the past two decades, Nth Degree evolved into the missing link identified many years ago and has developed countless custom solutions to help its clients flourish. Today, Nth Degree continues to provide solutions ranging from developing strategic governance structures , delivering custom training courses, guiding de novo trust company applications, navigating challenging examination or audit concerns, and drafting and implementing customized policies and procedures.

Meet the Team


Matthew C. Eby

When the most prestigious financial institutions need a consultant to evaluate and fine-tune their trust business, they call Matthew C. Eby.

Serving as a kind of S.W.O.T. team for household-name financial institutions, Eby uses his decades of experience in financial services consulting for the wealth and asset management industries to advise on improving operations, streamlining processes and creating stability by establishing a sequence of steps that achieves repeatable and scalable results.

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Joanne Eby

Attorney Joanne Eby has such an innate ability to comprehend complex new financial services laws and regulations that even law firms consult with her to help them decode new legal directives.

“When I read something that is newly released, I know in the first few sentences if it will be relevant for our clients,” says Eby, Managing Partner of Nth Degree Financial Solutions LLC. “My passion is understanding the laws, rules, regulations, and regulatory guidance for the asset and wealth management world so our clients can count on me to advise them. I like being the person someone is going to call to help them understand complex concepts.”

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